Why I can't connect to an available WiFi hotspot?

If you can't connect to the available shared hotspot, it might be due to the following reasons:

1. Weak/unstable signal. Please move to a spot where there is a stronger signal for connection.

2. Too many devices are connected concurrently. Please try again later.

3. The password may have been updated by the hotspot owner without re-sharing. Please try another hotspot. 

4. Session timeout. Please ensure you are connected online and try again. 

5. The hotspot owner may have set a whitelist for selected devices to access the hotspot. Please try to connect to another Blue Key hotspot.

Generally, if you encountered the above scenarios, we recommend you to tap on the  "Get More Free WiFi" to find available shared WiFi hotspots nearby and tap on hotspots with the "Connect" button to connect, or to try again later. 

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